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Today something beautiful happened!!!

Two days back I was at my friends, casually hanging around having a couple of drinks, he is a music composer, he showed me his recent project which he is currently working on, a piece of background music for a Hindi movie. I was amazed by his work, I always used wondered! How these musician are able to play music on a piece of a video clip, where, calculation of the beats exactly matches the motion clip, building it up to add up to the rhythm and being able to create effects on the exact spot where it is needed in the images of emotion. We always see in the movies there is a background score picking up the rhythm to enhance the images, emotions and it will exactly give the same effect which is needed to make the images effective (of course the composer has to be good) in between the ballet be it tragic, sad, horrific, happy, abrupt etc.

That day I asked my friend how do they do it, as music has its own calculation of beats to make it sound rhythmic to our ears, how do they get the exact sudden effects in between the on going rhythm and still make it sound as if it is a part of it, how?

He answered me; every editor has a rhythm when he edits the video clips, it’s simple. Really!!! That didn’t make much sense to me, and I couldn’t believe that, how would someone already know the rhythm of a music piece when it’s not even created.

I also have an editor friend who has done some amazing editing work for some of the great Bollywood films and I asked him the same question, how does the background music exactly fit the images the scene you have cut, sandy (my composer friend) says every editor has a rhythm when he is editing, is it true! I asked him.

He said yes! When I edit I have a rhythm, which I follow, for every scene depending on the mood of the scene, in fact I like to edit without dialogues, on mute.

I said ok! Now I get it. So every second has 24 frames, which means it has it’s own calculation, like every rhythm has it’s own calculation of tempo, so they meet somewhere right?

He said; no it’s not like that, I might take 16 frames of 1second and 49 frames of other few and invariable continue editing a scene. There is no calculation as such. Every scene has it’s own life & rhythm, he said.

What!!! To me, that was a shocking discovery: if we can create a piece of music for every video clip, which can exactly fit within the timeline, rhythmically! And if that is true, everything what we see, every image which exists, has its own rhythm, which also means that sudden does not exist, and if sudden exists, sudden has it’s own rhythm to pick up to fit the original rhythm.

If we were to apply this logic in our lives, and rethink about the phrase, which goes – “whatever happens, happens for the good”, works very well, if there are problems, misery, accident, death, surprise, joy or any such sudden changes in your life, don’t worry.

There is a reason behind every happening, it might take it’s own time to pick up the rhythm and blend in well with the original Rhythm Of Life to make a beautiful story of your life. And in the end everything will look like; it was a beautiful movie with some great background score.

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Funny GOD

My God “GOD” is funny!!!

Quote – Humanity

Humanity should be in the blood cells and not adopted from the nature

Quote – Temple

Remember one thing! i never want to move away from the TEMPLE of your heart
you’re already in the heart of the TEMPLE of my heart.


If I meet a girl; who knows the meaning of “Being Happy”, I’m sure to fall in LOVE with her…

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Miss U

Moon is acting as a mirror to me, to show me how you sleep thousands and thousands miles away DREAMING of me

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