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Lies: Are The Virus Of This World – A Philosophy By Kiran Shriyan

Kiran & I go back many long years. We connect on a very high octave of the mental plane. Junior to me by a decade odd years, I find Kiran to be an old soul in a young body. With a reasonably ok formal education added to deeply overwhelming world experiences, Kiran exhibits an inner knowledge that is far beyond what he may have learnt in this lifetime.

A dancer par excellence, a keen connoisseur of music & fine arts, a writer, a poet, a shrewd businessman, a movie maker, a life-coach, a man with a photographic memory, a man who believes he can change the world & my dearest friend – that’s Kiran Shriyan for you. In fact, Kiran believes anyone can change the world – IF they believe in it.

My conversations with Kiran are…

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Understand the”Intention”of a person, than the words they speak. Their Intention is understood by looking at their Past Deeds & Present Action.

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