It was a spherical world, with an only soul staying there with complete luxury and a defined practice of life… he grew from a dot to a fetus in a closed atmosphere filled with Amniotic fluid and sufficient supply of oxygen, he not only lived like a fish in the water, he also felt his creator around him always; with an awakening sound in the atmosphere, which assured him of his well being. He also heard filtered alien voices and noises coming from a distance from the different world. His growth was fastest in this environment. When he was getting familiarized with the echoes from the pandemonium; he was also shocked and surprised of himself when he became aware of the first emotion ever “Fear”.

It was a regular calm living with a few prosaic motion of the sphere, swaying him few times along with the liquid, which happens with him regularly, since the compact space still had room to move around. Then the sudden stretch of his world, with a moment of pause in his creators heart beat! only to pick a faster tempo gave him the fear. It was an unpleasant thud which came from the other side of the world which also shook him like the paused heart beat. This emotion repeated a few times during the course of compact world become compacter.

Like every good thing has to come to an end, even his world had to face the catastrophe; there was a huge chaos around him, it was like he was sinking into dry land, he felt some extreme force is pushing him down, he felt even his creator was trying hard to disown him or helping the fiercely force to push him away. It was a long lasting struggle, his creator’s heartbeat had gone to the peak, there was a lot of yelling and shouting, when he was forced through the narrow stretch. He had to give up his struggle when he feels the sense of “touch”, he’s in the clasp of the foreign force, which was pulling him out to another world, the cord of luxury; the umbilical cord didn’t leave him and stretched along the push and pull when the alien voices were coming close to him.

The metamorphosis to the new world, also made him realize the source from which he could hear and air gushes into his lungs leaving the sense of smell, of being alive.

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Positive Voyage

When you reach a stage where you look back and calculate all your losses, failure, time & energy as profit, don’t worry! You have made a lot of profit.

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Lies: Are The Virus Of This World – A Philosophy By Kiran Shriyan

Kiran & I go back many long years. We connect on a very high octave of the mental plane. Junior to me by a decade odd years, I find Kiran to be an old soul in a young body. With a reasonably ok formal education added to deeply overwhelming world experiences, Kiran exhibits an inner knowledge that is far beyond what he may have learnt in this lifetime.

A dancer par excellence, a keen connoisseur of music & fine arts, a writer, a poet, a shrewd businessman, a movie maker, a life-coach, a man with a photographic memory, a man who believes he can change the world & my dearest friend – that’s Kiran Shriyan for you. In fact, Kiran believes anyone can change the world – IF they believe in it.

My conversations with Kiran are…

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Understand the”Intention”of a person, than the words they speak. Their Intention is understood by looking at their Past Deeds & Present Action.

Competitive Life

Be competitive = keep running, Be awake = start living!!! 🙂

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How Banks control your life!!!